Nutrition is an important part of maintaining health and wellbeing for our residents. As such, we see the provision of food at meal times as vitally important and we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality food. We believe that the meals that are provided to the residents should be fresh and home-cooked rather than being ordered in ready-made and we have two excellent cooks in Marion and Dave. We cater for all food preferences and offer a choice of options at lunch and supper times. click here


Care Planning

In our evolution to becoming a “paperless” care home, the residents care plans and notes are logged electronically on an accessible but secure online system. This system also provides relatives gateway access to view their loved one’s care remotely. This creates assurance, transparency and improves quality of care within the home, with our management team, Rhiannon, Joan and Liz having remote access to manage and view the daily care of the residents.


Stimulation and enjoyment of the residents at Abbey Lodge is an important aspect of their daily life and to promote this, the home has daily afternoon activities in the communal areas. This is an area which we are looking to enhance in 2018 and will be engaging residents in this improvement.